Sarah Brooks, National Sales Director, Presidents Club, Milwood. MO

I just had to share this with you. I spoke with two of my business partners that use pay per click for members. I asked them how many members they got a month and they said 15-20. I asked how much they invested PER MONTH, and they said $1000-$2500. Now, I just enrolled 30 members this month and consistently in the past I've put on AT LEAST 20 members a month. I have been on the GOLD plan spending $186/month. I can't believe how awesome and affordable the APLAN is compared to other methods out there!

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" is the most amazing program I've ever seen."

"I signed up 91 new members and 5 new brokers in 2 months. is the most amazing program I've ever seen. I even got new member signups from the automatic emails going out. I have a 25% closing ratio because your leads are so good. Best thing that ever happened in the 3 years I've been in Ameriplan."

Rochelle Wolcott
RSD, Murrieta, CA To hear an interview with Rochelle Wolcott, click here.

"...I have enrolled almost 40 new members this month!"

"I've been with AmeriPlan® for over six years now. I've worked all the other member lead systems available with very little to show for it. But this system is awesome! Even though we haven't been able to work for the last few days, Debbie & I have enrolled almost 40 new members this month! We've enrolled as many as 7 new members in one day using the APlan!

"What other system out there lets you scroll through all the member prospects, see what they're looking for and how soon they want to get started, before you buy, so you can pick only the ones you want?

"If you want you and your team to have a chance to be among the Top Producers in the company, use this system and spread it down through your team and watch what happens!"

Gary Downard
National Sales Director
AmeriPlan Top Producers
Ace Member – Rising Star Winner
Leader of Tampa Training Center
$100,000 Founders Club

"...if you are ready to score and get members, TheAPlan is the way to go."

"I have used TheAPlan system for less than two weeks and have enrolled 20 members, 1 broker, and have 12 in follow up mode. This is derived from 70 leads. The system is quick to get started and easy to use. The company's customer service team is prompt and courteous. Credit refunds for disconnected phone numbers are immediately handled! In short, if you are ready to score and get members, TheAPlan is the way to go."

O. H. Brown
National Sales Director
President's Club

"A phenomenal system for building our member base"

" is a phenomenal system for building our member base. Where else can we pick and choose which member leads we want to acquire based on the provider base in their area? We knew we were onto something good when the first lady I called from couldn't wait to give me her credit card number to get started! We've discovered it's also helping us recruit IBO's, too. It's great to have a system we can direct our organization to that we know will work for them if they work it, no matter where or who they are."

Joe and Carol Garvey
National Vice Presidents

"...the most incredible customer acquisition system..."

"When I was first introduced to Virtual Office Systems and saw the potential of what your service could do for the growth of our AmeriPlan business, I was ecstatic. I could see that this is the most incredible customer acquisition system I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

"There are members on the books now who I enrolled when we first started who are still on the books. Many in my personal organization are using TheAPlan and it delights me tremendously that so many of the top producers with AmeriPlan are using TheAPlan at this time.

"I have been in marketing and sales for more than 30 years and have been quite successful, but nothing has ever come close to the potential of TheAPlan in the health care crisis situation in our country today."

Richard Strothers
National Sales Director
Top Producers Club
President's Club Member
Chairman, Advisory Board Member
Facilitator for one of the Top 10 Regions in the Country

"...the whole concept of Profiles is phenomenal."

"I, personally, am very pleased just based on my first experience in using your Profiles.

"My AmeriPlan upline, National Sales Director Darren Durham, introduced me to and the very first Profile I called was a sign-up! The person I called indicated that she had just filled out the survey about 2 hours before I called and was so amazed at the quick response she received about our dental benefits from the time she first filled out the survey. We had a good laugh for a few minutes as she stated, 'Gosh, when I filled out the survey and said that I needed the plan immediately, I didn't think I was going to get such an immediate response in return!'

"Additionally, I think the whole concept of Profiles is phenomenal. To be able to filter your Profiles to fit your needs and requirements and choose who you want to contact is almost like going shopping! But, instead of shopping for shoes or groceries, you're able to shop for prospects that you think are best suited for you and your business. is not only helping my AmeriPlan business grow, but I'm having fun at the same time! What a great combination to have!

"Thank you; we truly appreciate your services, and I look forward to being a long term customer!"

Annette Algoso
Senior Regional Sales Manager

"My team and I are signing tons of business using your Profiles!"


"I just want to let you know how well your system is doing! Whatever you started doing to keep lots of good qualified Profiles is working really well! Thank you for such an awesome system! My team and I are signing tons of business using your Profiles!"

Scott McCollum
National Sales Director

" a 3 month period I have been able to go full time with AmeriPlan."

"I just wanted to say thank you, APlan. Because of your program, in a 3 month period I have been able to go full time with AmeriPlan. I am signing members and brokers using your Profiles, and they are signing using your program, also. My members actually call me and give me referrals. It is wonderful talking to people that want to talk to you.

"So again I say thank you because you and AmeriPlan have definitely made a big difference in my life."

Bobbie Bonner
Regional Sales Director

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