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A Message From Mark Helsel

Pre-Qualified Customers

Successful network marketing is about CUSTOMERS! Having a constant flow of people to talk to about your products and business opportunities (outside your warm market) is crucial. Enjoying a constant flow of people who have pre-qualified themselves as health-conscious individuals gives you an advantage that's almost unfair! Our system is revolutionary!

We take lead generation to a whole new level. It's so advanced, we don't call it lead generation; it's so very much more than that. It's actually profiling, which is a whole new dimension of gathering information. We developed specific web forms where prospects fill out thorough, extensive, specific online health surveys. When a person completes a survey, their information is automatically routed to our online database. Only surveys that are 100% complete are admitted to the database. You are given access to this extensive database as a user of our system. You can actually choose the Profiles you want most after you review how they completed the survey. Imagine selecting only your most ideal prospects! And, you can opt to use our advanced search filters to obtain precisely those profiles whose responses provide the specific criteria you want most. You can actually use filter searches to choose Profiles that may be best suited to your products and/or services! We affectionately call this "shopping for your customers".

This system can provide you with a tremendous advantage! Imagine: before you ever make a call to any prospect, you will have the opportunity to review in advance all the pertinent information they provided! Think of the enormous load of wasted time and frustration you can avoid! Talking to lots of people who are already interested in what you have to offer is the key to your success. It has never been easier to build a customer base than it is with this system!

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