We don't even call them leads!...
Here's Why...

The Process:

Step One: Advertising

It starts with an email advertisement sent to a group of opted-in subscribers. (This means they have asked to receive various offers). Virtual Office Systems has aligned itself with some of the internet's largest and most reputable publishing companies. We create an appealing ad; they send it to people most likely to respond to such an ad. It's important to know that millions of people will receive this ad, but only a very small percentage will actually respond. This means VOS is effectively eliminating the prospecting process for you! You only talk to the ones who have already said "yes".

Step Two: The Landing Page

Interested people click on a link in the email advertisement; that takes them to what is called a landing page. This is where Profiles learn more about your actual offer. This further enhances the quality of the Profile, as the landing page educates them about how to get more information about health related products.

Step Three: The Survey

Once the Profiles have read the information on the landing page, they decide whether to proceed and complete the survey or to leave the page. This is a further reinforcement of quality, for the Profile is essentially proving they are interested enough in learning more to complete a detailed, lengthy online survey. (Very few people who aren't interested will proceed beyond the landing page; the ones who are highly interested do, which provides another culling out of those who are unlikely to buy).

A key factor is that they must complete the survey in its entirety to be entered into the Profile database; hence, you will never get an incomplete survey from our System! What's more, we have highly sophisticated filters in place to capture inaccurate information such as wrong phone numbers and nonexistent email addresses. This is yet another way Virtual Office Systems goes above and beyond to ensure that you get quality Profiles from our database. Finally, Profiles must check YES to Terms and Conditions that clearly describe what they are agreeing to.

Step Four: Profiles Entered Into The Database

Only when a Profile has completed the survey in its entirety and all verifiable data is included does that Profile enter the database.

Profiles are entered into the master database in real time, which means you can literally acquire a Profile just minutes after they complete the survey! Many "lead generation" companies tell you how good their leads are. We don't participate in this sort of hype. We simply give you the facts. You can actually view the real time demographic statistics of the database at any time! This shows you (factually) how the people have completed the survey.

Step Five: You Acquire Them!

This is where the fun really begins! You acquire your own select Profiles. That's right! Unlike other "lead generation" companies that "force feed" you leads, we do things totally differently. We give you the power to search the database and choose the Profiles you want. That means you can access our Profile database 24/7 and select Profiles according to your standards. You can choose how you want them and who you want them to be! It's totally revolutionary!

As you can see, our system utterly redefines "lead generation". We have developed truly revolutionary software that gives you more freedom and flexibility than ever before. We have taken a very difficult and mundane part of your business (prospecting), made it fun and enjoyable. Essentially, we've created the equivalent of an "online dating service" for network marketers who want to sell products to the right-match end users. We give you the ability to build as large a customer base as you choose. Have fun with our program.

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